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Mint Statistics: Beware accountants with sales revisions

Mint accounting is reconciling again. You know what that means. All five World War I Centennial dollar and medal sets saw subtractions from their sales totals. The changes ranged from a loss of a few hundred to loss of a handful.

Speaking of handfuls: Gold American Eagle bullion coin sales in March are virtually nonexistent. Just 3,500 ounces of one-ounce and tenth-ounce coins were sold as of press time. Silver Eagles did better. This week sales rose by 285,000. The monthly total is 915,000. That trails February’s 942,500 number. Will March beat this in the final three days? Wait and see.

Breast Cancer Awareness sales move ahead. The pace is slower. The first days of availability have passed.

The proof gold $5 added 933, the uncirculated $5 320, the proof dollar 3,842, the uncirculated dollar 1,537, the proof half 1,794, and the uncirculated half 1,107.


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