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Mint Statistics: 2019 Proof Sets on the Rise

This week, the Mint released the American Memorial Park 3-coin set, which is reporting sales of 10,585 after less than a week of sales. It is 1,047 behind the last America the Beautiful installment, Lowell National Park, which is at 11,632.For the most part, it seems that sales of these 3-coin sets have been declining since the launch of the program. Hot Springs finished at 23,203 and Yellowstone at 25,048, while the most recent releases, like Voyageurs, Cumberland Island, Block Island and Lowell National Park are averaging around 12,750.

Looking back at Apollo 11, there’s been little movement on the gold $5, the 5-ounce silver and just a few hundred on the clad half dollar.The .999 silver dollar increased by 1,643 and is now at 154,923. As noted last week, American Legion coins continue to be sluggish. Sales of proof coins rose by 1,590 and uncirculated by 704.

The 2019-W proof silver Eagle gained 3,524, with a total number sold of 262,891.Sales of the 2019 10-coin clad proof set saw a big jump to 285,283, now about half of the final quantity sold of the 2018 set. New this week is the initial sales of the 10-coin silver proof set, coming in at 191,670.


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