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Mint Statistics: 2017 proof Eagle has landed on the page

Proof silver American Eagles have landed below. The first number is 233,010 sold in the first three days of availability. The 2017 issue has the traditional reeded edge, unlike last year’s edge letting to mark the 30th anniversary of the silver Eagle. Since the 2016 is still being sold, you can make it a twofer if you don’t have either one yet. It is a good thing there is a new product to report because others numbers are moving hardly at all. Some are going backwards. The 200-coin half dollar bag subtracted a whopping 863, to bring the running total down to 3,507. What happened?

Bullion Eagle sales did not go backwards, but then they hardly moved forwards. In a week, only 25,000 silver Eagle bullion coins were taken by Authorized Purchasers. The March total stands at just 1,320,000 pieces. Next week we will find out if that’s all there is for the month.

Boys Town half dollar sales are still running neck and neck proofs vs. unc.


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