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Market Continues to Defy Pandemic

The recent Summer Florida United Numismatists (FUN) show is reportedly the largest in the history of that event. The 2021 Greater Cincinnati Numismatic Exposition is likewise getting high marks from everyone who attended it, the show being under the management of the Cincinnati Numismatic Association for the first time. There is much anticipation as the American Numismatic Association prepares for its mid-August World’s Fair of Money expo at the time this is being written.


Gold and silver coin prices were flat-lined this week, following the spot price of these two precious metals. Collectible coins of all sorts are continuing to be in demand. Better, key date and scarce to rare coins continue to appear in the market, demonstrating the trust their owners have in the ability to sell them for a strong price. Coin dealers who sell other collectibles including fine watches and jewelry are reporting strong sales in these areas as well.

What is going on here is that we are in the midst of a powerful bull market that continues to defy the coronavirus pandemic. This is the strongest market not only for coins, but for antiques, collectibles and fine art that has been seen in some time. While the U.S. Mint continues to get low marks from collectors regarding servicing their demand for new numismatic products, the Mint is helping to expand the market through what can be considered to be innovative products including redesigned American Eagle coins.

This is a strong, perhaps a frothy market, yet it is a market that does not appear to be a deck of cards. The demand is strong as once more coins prove it is the hobby of all of us as kings.