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Kennedy dollar and medal set on sale

The Kennedys showed their lasting popularity July 9 when the United States Mint released the Kennedy Presidential dollar and First Spouse medal set. It went on back order that same day. By July 12, the Mint reported it had sold 13,349 sets.

Also by July 12, the Mint stated collectors purchased 15,295 Blue Ridge Parkway America the Beautiful 5-ounce uncirculated 2015-P silver coins. The coin went on sale July 7.

Gold bullion continues to see strong sales at the Mint as Authorized Purchasers in July have ordered 71,000 total ounces of various gold Eagles. This total represents 141,500 ounce and fractional Eagle coins sold by July 14. The best month of sales in 2015 so far for gold Eagles is January with 81,000 total ounces sold in the form of 220,500 coins.

With the Mint’s announcement halting silver Eagle sales on July 7, totals rose just 100,000 coins to rest at 2,709,000 sold.

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