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Jackie Kennedy, gold prove popular

The 2015-W Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse gold coin was released by the United States Mint on June 25 to much anticipation. Collectors purchased 4,072 uncirculated and 7,936 proof coins by June 28, placing them on back order. These numbers are much higher than the 1,380 uncirculated and 1,980 proof coins sold for the previous release, the Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse coin.

Bullion sales totals for the month of June are in and all three options, the gold and silver American Eagles and gold Buffaloes, saw their best month of sales since January.

The Mint reported it sold 62,500 one-ounce, 4,000 half-ounce, 12,000 quarter-ounce and 85,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles along with 21,000 gold Buffaloes for a total of 97,000 troy ounces of gold combined.

Silver Eagles did well as Authorized Purchasers ordered 4,840,000 coins in June, just 690,000 coins shy of matching sales of the coin in January.

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