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Investors take more silver 5-ouncers

Bullion buyers were more interested in 5-ounce America the Beautiful silver coins than were coin collectors. Sales of the Great Smoky Mountains coin resumed after the Mint struck additional pieces and 3,500 were sold in the latest week bringing the overall total to 26,500. Also, the Shenandoah bullion coin became available and 14,800 were snatched up.

In comparison, collector buyers bought only 101 P-mint collector Great Smoky Mountains coins in the latest week. Its current sales total of 23,596 is still 1,404 short of a sellout.

The 2014 silver proof set saw buyers grab 183,520 in the opening few days of sales reaching nearly half the number sold of the 2013 set.

The 100-coin bags of the Warren Harding Presidential dollars are no longer available. The Mint put the sold-out sign up after 1,285 “P” bags and 1,170 “D” bags moved out the door. Other Harding sales options are still on sale.

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