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Mint Statistics: Gold, Silver Bullion Eagle Sales Stagnant


It appears we are entering another quiet stretch for U.S. Mint product sales. Nothing new has hit the (virtual) shelves since our reporting last week.

Sales of the newly released Negro Leagues Baseball commemorative coins continue to hum along. The biggest gain since our last tally is the proof silver dollar, depicting a pitcher in mid-throw on the obverse and a player’s eye-view of a pitch being delivered to the plate on the reverse. It increased by 1,627 for a total nearing 10,000. The next most popular coin in the lineup (pun intended) is the proof clad half dollar. An increase of 1,063 pushed its total over the 10,000 mark. The silver dollar and medal set also had a strong showing with a bump of 920 this week.

Limping along are the two gold offerings in the program. The gold proof coin increased by 67 pieces for a total sold of 958, while the uncirculated version went up by just 47 since last week, bringing its total to 739.

All is quiet on the bullion front. No sales are reported this week for the bullion proof gold and silver American Eagles or the proof Buffalo gold.

We are still a couple weeks out from the next release, bags and rolls of the Maya Angelou American Women quarter, so we’re prepared for this quiet stretch to continue.