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Gold Kennedy sells well to no surprise

The gold Kennedy half dollar made quite a splash upon its release on Aug 5. Over the next five days, 62,341 were sold in a frenzy. Retail sales locations at Mint sites and the ANA convention suspended sales over security concerns.

Likewise, the 50th anniversary clad Kennedy half dollar set has seen its share of attention too, with 14,479 units sold since last report, bringing the total sold to 112,134.

Buyers should act quickly if they wish to purchase the 2014 American Eagle 1-ounce gold proof coin before it reaches its limit. So far, 19,462 of the 20,000 alloted have sold.

The Mint sold its first platinum American Eagle 1-ounce coins since June, with 200 being sold in August so far.

Sales for the American Buffalo 1-ounce gold bullion coin are doing well, with an additional 3,000 sold since last report. This brings the August total to 4,500, close to the meager July sales of 5,500.

The Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors set is selling steadily, as 1,621 were sold between Aug. 5 and Aug. 10, bringing the total to 15,529.

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