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Gold dime sales continue to fall

For the third consecutive week, 2016-W gold Centennial Mercury dime sales have fallen according to a United States Mint sales report. As of May 15, the total in collector $hands amounted to 117,695 coins out of a possible mintage of 125,000. With the sales of 118,741 on May 8, that’s a net return of 1,046 coins.

The initial sellout involved 122,510 gold dimes going out to collectors. Speculation grows as to whether the Mint will reopen sales of the coins once a certain amount of returns are reached. As of May 18, the Mint website page for the gold dime states it is still unavailable and displays a “remind me” button.

The 2016 Richard and Pat Nixon Presidential dollar and First Spouse medal set is listed as currently unavailable. The Mint states 4,824 sets went out to buyers by May 15, though no product limit is listed on the set. 2015’s sets had mintages ranging from 6,914 for the still-on-sale Johnson set to 24,183 on the sold-out Kennedy set.

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