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Gold Big and Small Perform Well

2022 American Eagle gold bullion coin. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

2022 American Eagle gold bullion coin. (Image courtesy United States Mint.)

After an early summer flurry, we have come to a bit of a lull in new product releases from the U.S. Mint since our last report, the time spanning July 17-July 31.

While there is nothing new to speak of, there are still a couple of movers and shakers. The biggest gain is seen for the 2022 clad proof set. From our last reported total of 286,950, it has rocketed to just shy of 300,000 for an impressive uptick of 12,731. The 2022 silver proof set is not to be left out. It has gained a healthy 5,301 in sales, bringing its current total to 181,616.

The 2022 uncirculated set, however, has not fared as well. This week we see a drop of 3,441 for a total of 161,269. Given its recent release date of July 12, it is likely that the Mint is still balancing its books on sales.

We now have July month-end sales totals for bullion coins. The gold Buffalo sits at 39,500 for June, bringing its year-to-date total just 1,000 shy of the 300,000 mark. For gold American Eagle bullion, the largest and smallest coins saw the biggest jumps since our last report. The 1-ounce increased by 26,500 while the 1/10-ounce gained 15,000.

Silver Eagle bullion saw an impressive jump from 425,000 in our last report to a final July total of 850,000, bringing year-to-date sales to 11,556,500.