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February coin production down overall

February production totals are in and are down 251,200,000, or 16.67%, from January. While this may seem like a significant drop, it is important to consider that January’s production totals had increased over December’s by a whopping 169%. Cents represent a large percentage of the decrease, with 186 million fewer cents produced in February than in January. Nickels, dimes, and quarters were all slightly down as well. There were no half dollars produced in February, compared to 3.4 million in January. How does this stack up to last year?

FebCoinProd 0416

In February 2019, the Mint released a total of 1,256,100,000 coins compared to 1,066,510,000 in 2018. So year over year, February has shown an increase of 17.8%, spread fairly evenly across all denominations, with just dimes standing out. In February 2019, the Mint produced 248 million dimes, compared to just 154 million in 2018.

Given that coin production overall has been falling three years in a row (see Dave Harper’s assessment from the Feb. 5, 2019, issue of Numismatic News), could this be a positive sign that the first two months of the year are outpacing the last? We will have to wait and see!

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