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Downward Sales Adjustments Abound

What goes up, must come down, is not how we typically look at cumulative sales figures from the U.S. Mint – but it seems to be a common thread this week.

While we can’t know for sure what caused more than a dozen sales totals to come down compared to their last week totals, it could be that reconciling its numbers was a priority for the Mint this week.

Many of the decreases occurred for recently added America the Beautiful products commemorating the Weir Farm National Historic Site. The 100-coin bags came down by 14 for Philadelphia, 17 for Denver and 14 for San Francisco, for a total decrease of 45 bags compared to last week. The two-roll set came down 205, the P,D,S rolls set decreased by 187, while the San Francisco roll dropped 48.

But by far the largest decrease was in the Weir Farm 5-ounce silver coin: it came in with a total of 11,528 for a drop of 790 coins compared to last week.

On the other end of the spectrum, the biggest sales increases this week fall in line with last week’s report: the 2020 Clad Proof Set takes first place, followed by the 2020 Silver Proof Set in second, and the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame proof curved silver dollar rounds out the top three.

shows the U.S. Mint cumulative sales figures