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Did you see a Smoky sellout coming?

While we were all looking at baseball sales sellouts, some dyed-in-the-wool collectors were busy ordering the daylights out of the Smoky Mountains 5-ounce silver coin. The 2014-P collector version goes on the chart below at 21,415. That’s already almost as many as the bullion version has sold and a greater order total than for four of the five designs sold in 2013. Mintage is limited to 25,000 pieces. Another sellout coming quickly? Looks like it.

Sales of the 2014-W uncirculated silver American Eagle also began with a bang at 106,349. For the 2013-W version, buyers took only 178,941.

Are collectors taking the locks off their wallets? It looks like it.

The 2014 proof gold American Eagle sales numbers took over the space occupried by the 2013 offerings. There was no change from last week in the 2013 numbers, so off the page they go into the reference books.

April bullion sales cannot be called robust, but for gold American Eagles it is already a better month than March was.