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Decreased Sales Totals Abound

Give a little; take a little. This seems to be the theme of the Mint’s latest sales figures report.

Two new products make their debut in the charts this week, while there is a notable number of products whose sales totals went down since the last report. There must have been a concerted effort at the Mint to balance the books over the last few days.

You will notice one of the additions on this page, just below in the America the Beautiful section. The 2020 ATB circulating coin set became available to collectors on Oct. 8. In the first week of sales, it has wracked up 16,255 units sold.

The second newcomer this week is the 2020 American Innovation $1 proof set. It too came to market Oct 8. Sales to date total 46,546.

There are decreased sales totals sprinkled throughout the charts, but changes are most noticeable for the 2020 American Innovation dollar honoring Connecticut. Both bag and roll options for Philadelphia and Denver have seen sales totals drop. In all, the 25-coin roll decreased by 220, and the $100 bag came down by a sizeable 457. Being that these products are in their early weeks of sale, Mint staff are likely still trying to get a handle on initial sales numbers.