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Coolidge First Spouse gold on sale

The 2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse half-ounce gold coin went on sale July 17. Buyers purchased 645 of the uncirculated coins and 896 of the proof coins over the first few days after going on sale.

Sales for the Florence Harding First Spouse half-ounce gold coin remain strong as well. Customers purchased 914 uncirculated and 1,324 proof coins between its release on July 10 to July 20.

The 2014 Calvin Coolidge 100-coin bag from the Denver Mint has sold out, with 1,990 sold since its release. The 25-count rolls and $250 boxes from both mints are still on sale.

Sales remain modest for both silver and gold bullion coins. Customers only bought 1,640,000 silver Eagles up to July 22, putting the month on track to be the lowest sales this year so far in 2014.

Only 24,500 gold Eagles had been sold up to that point as well, though July has already outperformed March sales.

As for platinum, no platinum Eagles have been sold in the month of July.

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