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Circulating ATB Set, Innovation Proof Set Debut

The drought is over! You will notice that the 2015 America the Beautiful circulating and uncirculated coin set listings have been removed to make room for a new ATB product: the 2019 circulating coin set. Its debut week of sales made a strong showing at 14,113.

Also new this week is the 2019 American Innovation $1 proof set. It consists of proof versions of coins paying tribute to the innovation of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia. The 43,995 sets that went out the door during its first days on sale are nothing to sneeze at. You will see it added at the bottom of the 2019 proof coin set listings.

In the opposite direction, a notable drop in numbers this week is seen for the America the Beautiful three-coin set featuring San Antonio Mission. It decreased by 327, likely from adjustments made by the Mint.

The 2019 silver-clad proof set neared the 10,000 mark when it increased from 430,510 to 440,190. The silver proof set is not too far behind in top performers with an increase of 5,156, from 313,520 to 318,676.

In keeping our eyes on the American Innovation $1 “S” proof set, we see a decent increase of 1,608 this week, but not quite the gain we saw last week when it jumped by 3,320.