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Buyers have confidence in gold

A continuing trend so far in June shows Authorized Purchasers increasing their orders for gold bullion American Eagle coins.

As of June 17, investors purchased 33,500 one-ounce, 1,000 half-ounce, 6,000 quarter-ounce and 50,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles. With a total of 40,500 ounces of gold so far, this places June as the third best month in sales for the year. As there are 13 more days to make purchases, the United States Mint could see June top March’s total of 46,500 ounces sold. June is still far away from beating January though, which saw 81,000 total ounces shipped.

Speaking of gold, the 2013 and 2014 proof First Spouse gold coins have jumped in sales dramatically. The largest increase was a net gain of 133 coins for the 2013 Edith Wilson First Spouse coin. Interestingly, the uncirculated and 2015 dated coins didn’t see a noticeable increase in orders.

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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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