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Bullion sales continue to slump

May could become the worst month of the year for bullion coin sales. As of May 27, Authorized Purchasers had ordered just 9,500 one-ounce, 2,000 half-ounce, 6,000 quarter- ounce and 30,000 tenth-ounce gold American Eagles. They also acquired 7,000 one-ounce gold American Buffaloes and 1,648,500 one- ounce silver American Eagles.

The Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse gold coin has surpassed Bess Truman. By May 24, collectors had purchased 1,264 uncirculated and 1,808 Eisenhower First Spouse coins compared to 1,221 uncirculated and 1,710 proof Truman First Spouse coins.

While still unavailable on the Mint’s website, the 100-coin bags of Philadelphia Homestead quarters have seen returns as the Mint reported a net decrease of 19 bags in total sold by May 24. An increase in sales the week previous was possibly the result of collectors searching for newly discovered Homestead quarter doubled dies.

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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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