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Bombay Hook arrives, First Spouse gone

The 2015 Bombay Hook America the Beautiful quarters are on sale. Released by the United States Mint on Sept. 30, Collectors ordered 1,744 Philadelphia, 1,858 Denver and 2,760 San Francisco 100-coin bags; 6,928 two-roll Philadelphia and Denver sets; 2,575 San Francisco 40-coin rolls, and 6,326 three-roll sets that contain a roll from each facility.

The Mint also ended sales of the remaining 2013 First Spouse gold coins. Buyers purchased 1,993 uncirculated and 2,598 proof Helen Taft, 1,980 uncirculated and 2,511 proof Ellen Wilson and 1,974 uncirculated and 2,464 proof Edith Wilson coins. The 2013 McKinley and Roosevelt First Spouse coins went off sale earlier.

The 2015 Kennedy Coin and Chronicles reached its 50,000 unit production limit on Oct. 5. Sales data through Oct. 4 showed 49,733 sets sold, though those numbers may change as returns are processed.

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