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Are Bullion 2019 Silver Eagles Up to the Challenge?

There was no major movement in sales of U.S. Mint products this week.The Mint’s sales report did not show any declines, nor any major increases. There were no new products released to add to the report.

There were, of course, increases to many of the popular products, including:2019-S Proof Silver Eagle (+2,129), 2019-W Proof Silver Eagle (+1,668), 2019-W American Liberty Gold 1-Ounce (+670), 2019-W American Liberty 2.5-Ounce Silver Medal (+2,992), 2019 uncirculated coin set (+2,407), 2019 10-coin clad proof set (+3,781), and 2019 10-coin silver proof set (+2,510). 

The War in the Pacific coins continue to be popular amongst collectors. This week, the 3-coin ATB quarter set added 83, the 5-ounce coin added 117, and another 160 in the bags and rolls were sold.The Bullion 5-ounce coin increased from 68,500 to 72,000 this week as well.

Overall, there was some movement in bullion to note this month. In addition to the 5-ounce War in the Pacific coin, silver eagles increased from 11,000 last week to 686,000 this week. September was the biggest month for silver eagles in 2018, with an impressive 2,897,500 sold that month.In fact, on Sept. 6, 2018, the Mint had announced it depleted all its inventory already and was looking to the West point Mint for additional productions. We will see in the coming weeks if September 2019 can catch up to 2018. It’s doubtful, though.