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America the Beautiful Series: Quarter Sets of Five-Ounce Coins?

The U.S. Mint announced in their Coins Online newsletter this week that the 2019 Apollo 11 Anniversary Five Ounce Proof Silver Dollar is back in stock. The gain from last week to this week was just 320, so we will watch next week to see if there is a bigger jump.

So while we are looking at five-ounce coins, it prompted a look at sales of the America the Beautiful five-ounce coins, as four of the five for 2019 have been released to date. In total, 55,636 of the four offerings have been bought by collectors.Of those same four parks, collectors have taken 50,536 of the 3-coin sets. In comparing each park, the five-ounce coin has sold more than the quarter set in all four instances. The five-ounce uncirculated silver coins carry a price tag of $154.95, while the three-coin quarter sets are just $9.95. 

The top sellers this week, include 1,394 of the 2019-W proof silver Eagles, 2,247 of the 2019-W American Liberty 2.5-ounce silver medals, 2,041 of the 2019 Uncirculated 20-coin sets, 4,014 of the 2019 10-coin clad proof sets, and 2,388 of the 2019 10-coin silver proof sets.

Reporting first week sales are the San Antonio Missions Park 3-coin set with 11,458 and the 2019-W proof palladium Eagle with 16,690.This already exceeds the 2018 issue, which sold 14,986.