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Mint Statistics: 2021 Gold Proof Eagles Come and Go


All eyes were on gold Eagles March 11. That was the day the five products in the 2021 gold proof American Eagle lineup went on sale. It was also the day they went off sale, following an intense, one-day sellout.

Gold making headlines is nothing new, but what is special about these coins is that they are the last to bear the original “Family of Eagles” reverse design, first used in 1986.

Allowing for an adjustment period in sales figures, it is safe to say that all five products have reached their product limits. The 1-ounce version came in at 4,485 against its product limit of 4,500. The 1/2-ounce Eagle reached 1,586 of its 1,600. The 1/4-ounce is logged at 2,687 of 2,700, and the 1/10-ounce at 7, 987 of 8,000. The set, containing one of each of the coins, reached 8,187 of its 8,200 product limit.

Another set of note this week is the 2021 clad proof set. Sales have increased by 15,775 in a two-week period, the total now sitting at 206,542 sets.

April 22 is the release date for the 2021 silver proof set, another item we’ll have our eyes on!