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2016 proof gold Eagles enter market

In with the new, out with the old for proof gold Eagles. March 17 marked the first day of sales for the 2016 proof gold Eagles, supplanting the 2015-dated versions which have been pulled from the Mint website. As of March 20, sales amounted to 6,573 one, 1,969 half, 2,143 quarter and 8,036 tenth-ounce proof gold Eagles. The 2016 proof gold Eagle four-coin set saw 6,738 units purchased in that same time period.

The 2014 Hoover Presidential dollar 250-coin box from Philadelphia is finally listed as currently unavailable and may be sold out. Sales data for the product has not been available for some time on the Mint website. Latest reports show 6,994 boxes were sold.

The 2012 Presidential dollar four-coin uncirculated set is listed as unavailable with 99,743 sets purchased.

The 2012 Hawaii quarter three-coin set is listed once again on the Mint sales report. Returns have brought the total sold to 19,947 sets.

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