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2015 high relief gold coin nears sell out

The 2015 $100 American Liberty high relief gold coin is unavailable at the United States Mint as of Jan. 3. Since its release on July 30, 2015, buyers have purchased a total of 49,211 coins out of a 50,000 mintage limit.

The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential dollar 25-coin roll from Philadelphia is sold out. Collectors purchased 40,000 rolls as of Jan. 3.

Likewise, the Johnson 25-coin roll from Denver is listed as unavailable but not yet sold out. Orders for the Denver roll amount to 37,742 units by Jan. 3.

The 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency set is back on sale. Returns brought the total sold from 88,273 sets down to 88,267 between Dec. 27 and Jan. 3. The set has a 90,000 product limit.

Another potential comeback is the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set. A total of 109 Chronicles sets were returned during the same period, bringing the total sold to 19,050 sets from a 20,000 mintage.

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