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Yikes, two weeks without a blog posting from George!

Okay, sorry, perhaps.

I am not ruthlessly efficient to have these things prepared ahead of time, nor do I impose on the time of a co-worker to post them for me if they were prepared ahead of time and I would be absent from my cube.

So, you have been graced by two weeks of quiet, while I have been a driving fool doing a round trip to Altoona and Harrisburg in Pennsylvania.

Yes, it was nearly the height of fall colors. Wonderful.

The weather was great, blue skys each day, one evening of light rain.

The event was to spend time researching the minute books and secretary files of the Pennsylvania Railroad which are in the PA State Archives, as well as further research on a PRR Heroism Award Medal recipient.

So, I'm back refreshed and will be having some interesting information for you shortly.