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Yesterday's blog gets a response

Bernard von NotHaus is not happy with my blog yesterday that was written after I had received an email from him to announce a new cryptocurrency project.

Here is his full email to me:

“How in the hell could you misrepresent my post in the Liberty Dollar Newsletter? LD2 is NOT my project.

“I clearly state: ‘Even more amazing is that the new “crypto Liberty Dollar” is the work of my son, Extra, who grew up in the Royal Hawaiian Mint, and Steven Brendtro, who was an outstanding Regional Currency Officer in the original Liberty Dollar organization. I must confess LD2 came to me as a complete surprise. I am a shocked, pleased and an amazed parent.’ [This] confirms I didn’t even know about. And that is the truth!

“Plus LD2 is a hell of lot more than an ‘idea’ it is functioning crypto currency, complete with a warehouse, CPA audit report and sales! I am shocked at your quick to shoot, unprofessional behavior. Why would you do such a hatchet job on a new project? Please correct the damage you have caused to Extra and Steve Brendtro’s LD2 project.

“I say it again... LD2 is NOT my project! I was not involved with it nor did I even know about it until just before they launch it.

“I posted it so the thousands of Liberty Dollar supporters and collectors knew that I was aware of it and that it was a genuine business that could be trusted.

“Your article went a long way towards misrepresenting the project.

“Please make this right.


“PS: I think a genuine article including an interview with Extra and Steve is in order to correct any misunderstanding in the collector community.

“PPS: In your hasty attack, you even misspelled my name, capital ‘H’ please.”

That is the full text of his email to me in my morning inbox.

Did I misrepresent anything yesterday?

I was working from his email to me, which was titled, “WOW! Liberty Dollar LIVES!”

He signed it:

“Bernard von NotHaus" with “Monetary Architect” beneath his name.

My blog said:

“He credits two people for its creation.

“The first is his son named ‘Extra.’

“The second is Steven Brendtro, whom Von Nothaus said was 'an outstanding Regional Currency Officer in the original Liberty Dollar organization.'”

I also read the one-page report from the website about the new venture and referred readers to it.

You can read the full page here.

I will refer you to the part of the one-page report that reads this way:

“As a pre-issue to the publicly-available LD2 cryptocurrency, a ‘version zero’ will be issued as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This very limited token will be offered only for private sale, by invitation only, and will help ensure/fund full operational functionality prior to larger issuances.”

Is what I wrote yesterday a misrepresentation?

That was certainly not my intent.

If the effect of the full blog was somehow to mislead instead of to alert collectors to a new gorgeous silver round that will become part of a series that is avidly collected in certain numismatic circles, for that I am sorry.

Again, go to the official website and take a look at it.

And yes, I somehow managed to not capitalize the “H” in the von NotHaus name.

The home page of the official website is here.

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