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Year opens on optimistic note for coin prices

At the beginning of 2018, overall market appreciation looks hopeful. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, you may want to consider getting back in the pool before the water gets any deeper. There is a real chance 2018 may be a better year than its predecessor. This could be just Florida United Numismatist convention-induced optimism, but it is real.


The spot price of gold appears to be holding at better than $1,300 per ounce as this commentary is being written. This is good news for the prices of generic circulation strike and modern commemorative gold coins. Ironically, it has had little impact on First Spouse gold coins, although bidding has been stronger for non-certified examples in their original packaging. A major problem for all these markets continues to be the spread between bid, which is near spot prices, and much higher ask prices. The market for packaging that should accompany such things as General Service Administration silver dollars, First Spouse coins, modern commemoratives, and for proof and mint sets is noticeably active, indicating an increasing collector demand for these coins in their original packaging.

The spot price of silver has broken the $17 an ounce barrier but does not appear yet to have impacted the price of generic coinage. Scarce to rare coins are in a separate world, impacted more by outside investment markets and the economy. The value of these coins is holding steady, but there are yet to be notable price increases.

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