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World Money Fair Media Forum - Live

Now the Austrian Mint presetn thier 2011 issues. Added to thier presentation is a very loveable robot mascot on stage with them. A Pummerin bell coin of 5 Euro will be avilable, plus a specila News Years packageing with the Pummerin Bell coin, which may be hard to find now for many avid collectors. The Austrian Mint used a mobile sales unit and sold these spe3cial packaged coins on squares direcft to the public. Their emphasis on new marketing approaches are quite interesting and may prove aq turning poitn that other mints might emulate.
Internation Year of Forest 5 Euro will depict a stag. Animal coins for Austria are not so commonaly done, so it may be of interest to animal coin collectors. A 20 Euro Carnuntum coin with Roman theme, 100 Euro gold Crown of Bohemia coin fifthe in the Hapsburg series, and others will be featured this year. Check the Austian Mint website for many more issues and information.

Now we hear from the Spanish Royal Mint. Much anticipated was a World Chanpions coins for the South African World Cup series, a gold 20 Euro and silver 10 Euro have been struck dated 2010 and are nearly sold out. A 20 Euro silver coin in pack was also issued and avilable more in public venues for those supporting the National Soccer Team. A series of Capitals coins look very interesting and thier packaging is wonderful. there will be 52 coins in the series and they should all be launched with just a few years. The Spanish Royal Mint ancient coin series continues with more coins of the Visigoths. a circulating 2 Euro Cordoba coin for 2010 and a Granada type for 2011 are avilable. Silver 10 Euro Amazon River explorer Orellana, and other coins will also be out in 2011.