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World Money Fair Gets Rolling

Perth Mint and the Berlin Munzkabinett


One great night sleep later and I’m ready to begin again! I must say, the World Money Fair picked a nice hotel in the Estrel. Each and every guest request I have made has been taken care of quickly and efficiently to my full satisfaction. My room temp this year is perfect and I even have a view of the Beergarten in front of the hotel, though it is unfortunately closed for the season.

This morning we have plans to meet with our friends at the Perth Mint. In the afternoon we will take a train into the downtown area again for a visit to the Berlin Munzkabinett, whose new online catalogue is really amazing - click on the museum name to view the online catalogue. In between, we will try to locate our booth materials for the show and get things moving on that front, as booth set up begins tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

Because the World Money Fair is a unique hybrid combination of trade show and traditional coin dealer bourse, to enjoy a successful visit one must pick and choose what is to be accomplished. Our little band of four has an advantage in numbers, but the schedule we have created will still prove challenging. At this point we have meetings scheduled with 22 world mints and distributors, one museum visit, the Media Forum, a few receptions and of course the Coin of the Year presentations.

The fact that all this can be accomplished at one show is what makes the World Money Fair such a fantastic venue!

Tonight I’ll try to post again and let you know how the day went. For those of you reading this in the United States, remember, the time in Berlin is seven hours ahead of CST in America. With any luck, I should be able to post twice a day to keep you informed. Pictures and links may have to be added after the initial posting, so you may want to stop by Big Ideas, little world several times a day to see and read all the available news.