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World Money Fair - Day Two

After a good nights sleep I woke to big snow flakes coming down in droves at 6am, by by 7:30am all is clear and cold and the day is ready to begin.
Our meeting yesterday afternoon with Kirsten Peterson of the Auistrian Mint went very well. They have a nice group of new types ready for production in 2011, continuing a few popular series and establishing a few new ones. Watch the Numismatic News site for further details over the next few months as these coins are released. I beleive our shopNumisMaster site may also be offering at least one bimetallic and one silver coin from the Austrian Mint in 2011 and they sell pretty quickly, so be on the lookout for them.
In our conversations with Hans-Henning Goehrum we covered a lot of ground. Several interesting notions came up and one new book idea seemed to excit our entire group. Question; how do you like Olympic commemorative issues?
In a few hours we will be touring a gold coin display at the Berlin Muenzkabinett courtesy of our friend Dr. Karsten Dahmen and later in the day we will be attending the unveiling of the new German 2 Euro coin at the Bundeskanzler.
Check back later for my next WMF update.