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Work Starts Numiszendium

Work Founds Numiszendium Encyclopedia Site

You may have noticed a new addition to my blogrolls this morning, as news came from friend Aidan Work, that he had established a new base for building an encyclopedia of numismatic knowledge under the banner of Numiszendium.

is a MediaWiki format website where knowledgeable numismatists can enter information about coins, banknotes, tokens and medallic coins. Aidan's hope is that this site can eventually be built to encyclopedic size and provide a good source for coin collectors and researchers both to pull from and deposit into.

It's brand new and you can register for free and begin being an active part of the hobby of numismatics today. It will take a lot of work to make Numiszendium useful, as it is jut an empty vehicle at the moment, but Aidan and his friends are dedicated and really do want to provide a broad forum for all numismatists.

Take a moment and check it out today at Numiszendium.