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WMF - Media Forum

Coverage of the World Money Fair Media Forum continues (so long as my netbook battery holds out!) with the China Gold Coin Corporation presentation. Coins to be issued in 2011 from the China Mint include: the finish of the Outlaws of the Marsh series, Beijing International Coin Expo, 100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution of 1911, Centre of Heaven and Earth coins, 50th Anniversary of the Wolrd Wildlife Fund, 26th Summer Universaide Shenzhen, and Chinese Peking Oper Facial Mask colored coins in silver and gold.

Italian Mint coins for 2011 included gold for Flora and Fauna in art masterpieces, silver coins for Italian Council of States anniversary and many other. Unfortunately images of the coins for 2011 could not be presented as state approval was only acquired a few days before this event.