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WiMAX over Wi-Fi May Take Catalog Everywhere

Tech News Good For Collectors

Robert Morrow
, writing in Science, brings us good news of a broader future network for mobile internet connection. WiMAX is a microwave carried system similar to our current Wi-Fi, but with much more power.

If you are familiar with Wi-Fi use, say through your laptop computer or Nintendo DS game system, you know that distance is always a concern. You have to be close to the wireless transmission base to get good clear service. With WiMAX it looks like you can go for miles.

Morrow sees a future, maybe in 3-5 years, where we will have subscription WiMAX service, similar to current cell phone offerings, making it possible for you to log onto your favorite internet site on a laptop during a family driving trip, while at a show or convention, or when stopping off at a coin or antique shop on the other side of your state or country or the other side of the globe.

For coin collectors this would be a great boon! A collector or dealer could log on to NumisMaster and have four hundred plus years of coinage information available for quick searching anywhere, anytime. More compact and useful information, available in a flash makes for better buying and selling decisions for the sharp techy folks who make use of these advances. NumisMaster and WiMAX could be a great combination! Building our hobby through technology, I love it!