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Will you buy rolls of 2009 Lincoln cents from the Mint?

This week our editors want to know, will you buy rolls of 2009 Lincoln cents from the Mint?
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From the March 13 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Q. Will you buy rolls of 2009 Lincoln cents from the Mint?

As soon as I read your question as to was I going to purchase any of the new Lincoln cents, I Immediately clicked into the Mint Home Page and purchased five two-roll sets.
I have to thank you for the heads-up as I did not know they finally put the coins up for sale. I feel that even though the Mint has a five-roll set maximum, it is relatively cheap when thinking back of the recent nickel series and how demanding the peace-pipe first issue became.

Jennifer Samuels
New Paltz, N.Y.

Yes, I will when the banks get them in. I will not pay a premium for the cents as the Mint is now planning to charge.

Ron Miller
Maynard, Iowa

Would it not make more sense to send every taxpayer a two-roll set of pennies, quarters and dollars, since the banks are the problem again – a stimulus package, if you will?

Toby Young
Belton, Texas

Yesterday I was at a coin show here locally. I was shocked that a dealer was selling a roll of the new Lincoln cents for $18 each, P or D. People don’t understand they can buy a set of two rolls from the Mint for $8.95 plus the postage. I thought the Mint was ripping off the public. No thanks, I will still look for the new pennies in my change.

Thomas Opalka
Manistee, Mich

I would not buy a roll of the new Lincoln cents. I would advise patience! They will be readily available before long. I received three in change this morning from the local WaWa gas station.
By the way, any word on when the mint will have one ounce platinum coins available?

Bob Nagel
Powhatan, Va.

I think the Mint overcharges for product. They are taking advantage of the collector. To charge $8.95 for two 50-cent rolls of new pennies is highway robbery!

Gene L.
Cottage Grove, Minn.

I will buy rolls of the 2009 cents. I would prefer to get them from the bank and avoid the surcharge, but I am going to get some from the Mint just in case they never pop up at the banks.
Lincoln cents are what got me started in the hobby, and I don’t want to miss out on this newest addition to a great coin series.

Venessa Companion
Stratham, N.H.

Shocked! The US Mint has today announced the pricing for a roll each of the first issue Lincoln cents. Are they crazy? At $8.95 and $4.95 shipping for a Philadelphia and a Denver roll works out to be $6.95 each.
No, I will not be ordering them from the Mint or anywhere else at those mark-ups.

Greg Sodus
Exton, Pa.

I already bought three rolls at my local dealer for $1 each. I handed half a roll out to my son’s first grade class, to their great excitement.

Jon Radel
Springfield, Va.

Yes, I will buy at least one roll of the new Lincoln cents from each Mint.
By the way, on March 4 I received my first one in change at the McDonald’s in St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston. Interestingly enough it was from the Philadelphia Mint, which means someone from the east must have spent it in Houston, as normally all the cents usually put out in this area are from Denver.

Griff Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

Yes, I plan to purchase the 2009 Lincoln roll of pennies.

James Ghaffari
Hixson, TN

As a coin dealer I have no choice but to carry the new 2009 Lincoln cents by the roll. The demand for the coin is overwhelming.

Lee Rich
Nashville, Tenn.

Sure ! I think they will be highly collectible.

Lolly Miller
Riverside, CA

Yes, I will buy several rolls of each (P & D).
I will buy a pair for each of my 8 grandchildren,and hold them untill I think they are ready for them. And a few for my self .
I do the same for the presidential dollars, and did for all the state quarters.

Kermit Bressner
Fountain Hills, AZ

I will get all my Lincoln penny’s from the bank, if and when they come in. I would have went nuts, it they would have come out with the old Wheat penny. They really dropped the ball on that, so the Lincoln Dollar will be the only Lincoln I get, but for the coppers. I will get some of the copper penny’s if they ever come out.

Bob Merry
Kensington, MD.

I won’t buy the 2 50 cent rolls for $8.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. I thought when the Mint offered 2 rolls of the Jefferson Nickles for 8.95 that was a bad deal, this offer is the biggest rip off of the consumers and collectors ever, selling the new cents for almost 14 times face value is outrageous.

Albert Andreotti
Pennsauken, NJ

I have placed an order with my bank for a box ($ 25.00) of new Lincoln Pennies.
So Yes, I will buy the new pennies - and the three other “New” pennies slated to be released.

Since there is a possibility the pennies will be totally discontinuef for 2010 I would like to have
some extra. I am connected to Lincoln in two ways, so I have a fascination with Lincoln Pennies.

Bill Walters
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sure, I’d buy them, IF I could find them locally and at face value.

Adele Vogel
Brookfield, WI

Yes, I will buy a full roll of each, the P and D mints.

Ronald Maifeld
Cincinnati, Ohio