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Will we all live happily ever after?

Sometimes there are happy endings. Silver Spring, Md., dealer Julian Leidman said yesterday that much of the inventory that was stolen from his parked vehicle Oct. 11 has been recovered.

All this transpired because the hobby community quickly rallied to his support to get the word out about the theft, what was taken and create an award fund to help find, try and convict the perpetrators.

A tip from an East Coast dealer to Leidman led to the major recoveries, two so far and possibly more to come.

This is numismatics at its best. The nation’s dealers rallied to support a colleague with a reward fund that is well over $160,000.

There is more to come in this story, but for the moment it is simply a good idea to ponder what seems to be a happy ending and try to reinforce behaviors that lead to them, or better yet, to not having a problem develop in the first place.