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Will the gold be missing this time?

The online world is a youthful place with emphasis on the new, but every once in a while there are interesting echoes from the past.

This month the Numismatic News website is being visited by a high number of individuals who are reading a story written by David L. Ganz for his Under the Glass column.

That’s great.

But in this case, the column was written and posted a year and a half ago.

The topic?

Whether the gold in Ft. Knox, Ky., is still there.

Ganz was a part of public invited to inspect Ft. Knox and its gold holdings the last time allegations of it being gone reached a fever pitch – in 1974.

The same case was made then as is made now. Somehow or other the gold that is supposed to be there has been spirited out.

Will the government react with a news conference held at Ft. Knox as Mint Director Mary Brooks did almost 40 years ago?

Could be.

Then the news conference did the trick and the rumors declined. The present generation is repeating the similar rumors – which incidentally also occurred when Eisenhower was President. But you have to be pretty old to remember one or both of these historical events.

Is there a cycle involved?


The column made good reading when it was written. I am glad it is still grabbing attention.

It’s called, “Gold all there when Ft. Knox opened its doors,” and it was the second thing to pop up on a web search this morning – such is the power of a rumor.