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Will silver proof Eagle pass test?

Time for a test.

When I was in school many years ago I knew at this time of year that the last wave of tests was coming before I could enjoy the relative freedom of summertime.

For the coin hobby, tests come big and small in various forms and at varying times of year.

Will a major auction generate bids above estimates?

Will the next coin show feature an active bourse floor with the characteristic buzz that goes with it?

Or will the next offering by the U.S. Mint prove popular with collectors?

In recent years, buyers have not been able to get enough of silver American Eagles both literally and figuratively.

On Thursday at noon Eastern time the proof 2012 silver American Eagle will go on sale for $59.95.

I will be watching to see how demand manifests itself.

Will it be a routine day with no problems, or will the Mint’s website get backed up and slowed down? (We still have to wait until autumn before the upgrade.)

Last year collectors snapped up 850,00 proof silver Eagles despite rising prices. What’s more, they even more enthusiastically chased the 100,000 additional ones that were included in the 5-coin silver American Eagle 25th anniversary set.

The 2011 sales of nearly 1 million coins is no small thing at current prices.

This year we will see a San Francisco 75th anniversary set that will feature a proof and a reverse proof, so collectors once again will have two ways to acquire a regular proof silver Eagle.

That’s this year’s proof silver Eagle test.

Are you ready?