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Will quarter wait be worth it?

You might have caught it in my Monday blog. The release of the first America the Beautiful quarter will not occur until April.

We won’t even see the final designs for the year’s five issues until near the end of this month.

Will this long wait for the new quarter make collectors want it all the more?

I remember when the U.S. Mint used to have a booth at the Florida United Numismatists convention the first weekend after New Year’s and hand out the new state quarter of the year for free.

Long lines would form to get the new coins. It was great to see the interest.

It was all the more interesting because in those years new quarter issues would make their way through the banking system in just days or weeks.

Conditions then were nothing like last year when finding the D.C. and Territories quarters was a challenge and the new Lincoln cent designs were about impossible to find.

Come April, will collectors be as eagerly awaiting the first of the new quarter series as we were for those first state quarters of the year?