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Will Latvia Commemorate Presidents?

Latvian Politics, Latvian Commemoratives!

Latvia has elected a new president. President elect Valdi Zatlers comes from a medical background in surgery and has had little, if any experience as a politician prior to this office. He replaces Varia Vike-Freiberga who held the honor of being Eastern Europes first female president.

In recent years Latvia has issued several large silver commemorative coins with classic historical themes, along side circulating coinage with some simple yet unusual desings such as the 1 Lats KM#66 struck in 2005 with a pretzel on the reverse, or the 1 Lats KM#58 from 2003 with an Ant on the reverse. Coming in January 2008 Latvia will be issuing their first Euro coins.

Given Latvias recent political changes, one would hope that future coins might exhibit a portrait of Vike-Freiberga as a pioneer of women in high office, or perhaps Zatlers as a man of medicine turned to public service. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pretzel as much as anyone, but when significant current events occur, it is always wise to note them for future numismatic honors.