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Will I regret it?

I am going to regret writing this. I received an e-mail yesterday. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I share it with you. Look at the upper right portion of the note.

What do you think?

It kind of hurts, too. Doesn’t it?

Collectors are nothing if not clever. They also appreciate a good joke. This one was too good not to share, but I open a door that perhaps I should leave closed.

I do not want to receive the best jokes my readers are aware of. I am not anti-reader. I am not anti-joke, but one of the problems with online communications is the urge to share humor. There is simply too much of it. I do not have time to read it all or take a look at it.

Don’t take this blog as an encouragement to send me additional humorous items. Send me the news as always.