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Will bourse fee cut start a new trend?

Cheaper bourse table fees are being offered for the two 2018 C.A.M.P. shows at the Monroeville, Pa., Convention Center, which is in suburban Pittsburgh.

The shows are scheduled for March 23-25, 2018, and Sept. 7-9, 2018.

The table costs are reduced by $50 across the board for both events, said Kathy Sarosi, a co-owner of the show.

This means that for dealers being on the bourse for three days, the fee is $200 for a regular table and $350 for a corner table.

Two-day rates of $150 and $300, respectively, are available for the two types of tables.

At the March show only, bourse table fees will be even lower for dealers who want to be in the March 2018 Madness budget section.

Bourse tables in this March show section will be $135.

Kathy Sarosi has announced that budget section prices will apply to dealers who have never been to one of these shows or who have missed it for two years.

The two shows are conducted by Sarosi’s Coins and More Promotions, LLC.

Any dealer who wants a table on Sunday only will be charged $25.

Sarosi, who operates the show along with her husband, John Paul Sarosi, passed out a letter at C.A.M.P.’s September 2017 show.

The letter said in part, “We have always strived to make our shows great for the collector and great for the dealers.

“As you all know, shows around the county have been struggling and some have disappeared totally.

“Collector shows of all types and sizes have similar difficulties, which make a slower market tougher on the dealers that set up at shows.

“Costs continue to rise for traveling dealers and that is the reason we are having a MARCH of 2018 MADNESS Special.”

As longtime coin dealers and show operators, the Sarosis know first hand the state of numismatic business conditions.

Lower prices are always welcome.

I happen to have just supplied information for my 2018 travels as my firm’s travel budget is being assembled for next year.

Nobody wants to incur costs that are unnecessary.

Everybody welcomes a reduction.

Contact Kathy Sarosi if these new rates appeal to you.

Telephone her at 814-535-5766.

Fax her at 814-535-2978.

Will these table fee reductions be the beginning of a new trend?

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