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Who will find 2009 cent first?

Where are the new Lincoln cents collectors are beginning to ask. It is a natural question. It will be a big year for the denomination. There will be four designs.

The 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth arrives on Feb. 12.

Also, collectors are used to finding new cents in their pocket change rather rapidly as a new year begins.

Numismatic News readers usually begin reporting receipt of new cents right about this time. It all depends on the economy. The slower the times, the slower the release of the new dates.

In some years the economy was growing so rapidly and the banking system demand for cents was so high that they were even available at the Florida United Numismatists convention when it was held on the first weekend of January.

This year the FUN convention was held the second weekend of the year and we have just passed the third weekend on the calendar yet I have heard nothing from either readers or the Mint.

So keep your eyes pealed and post a message here, or send me an e-mail at when you find your first 2009-dated coin, cent or otherwise.