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Who wants the unc. version?

The Disabled Vets commemorative silver dollar was unveiled on Saturday by Mint Director Ed Moy.

They will be sold to collectors in uncirculated and proof versions when they become available in 2010.

This is not the first veterans related theme for the commemorative silver dollar series.

There were the Vietnam Memorial, Prisoner of War and the Women in the Military issues of 1994 among others.

All three have held up in value reasonably well. The first two are nicely above issue prices while the third is hovering just below issue prices. This is not bad for the modern commemorative series.

The keys are the uncirculated pieces. Their numbers are lower than the proofs.

Consequently, their prices on the secondary market are higher.

Will this spur hobbyists to order more uncirculated coins this time? I doubt it. There is something ingrained in the collector mind when it comes to placing orders for commems – proofs always attract more orders.

So the uncs of the 2010 issue will probably be outnumbered by the proofs by about two and a half to one.

Check back with me in 2011 to see if I’m right.