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Whitman buys Cowen's

Publishing company agrees to purchase Florida numismatic supply outfit.
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Cowen’s of Miami, Fla., has agreed to sell its numismatic supply company to Whitman Publishing, LLC, of Atlanta, Ga.

Founded in 1961 by Sigmund Shickman and his family, Cowen’s initially manufactured telephone book covers and advertising products such as key chains and die-cut novelties.

Cowen’s decided to get into numismatic supplies when a customer tried to order 1,000 coin-holder pages with 2x2 inch openings. Today, the company makes Mylar holders, currency and stamp envelopes, and other accessories for collectors.

“Very few people manufacture numismatic supplies,” said Shickman, “and even fewer do it well. We’re proud of our strong reputation.”

Whitman Publishing, LLC, has been a numismatic publisher since the 1930s. The company also provides the numismatic and philatelic hobbies with a full line of stamp and coin supplies.

“Collectors know and trust Cowen’s,” said Mary Counts, president of Whitman Publishing. “We are pleased to add the company’s products to our numismatic line.”