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White House summit medal attracts interest

What do you know about the White House summit souvenir issued to mark the meeting of President Donald Trump and North Korean lead Kim Jong-un in June in Singapore?

I have not followed this.

It is a product offered at the White House gift shop.

But thanks to a helpful reader, I can report that pricing has been all over the lot, and it is currently a very high $100, four times what the reader says he paid for his.

The first email to me is dated Aug. 7.

“I recently received the 'Korean Peace Talks Summit Coin' [not really a coin, of course] being sold by the official White House Gift Shop.”

He urged me to look into it.

This morning, he has followed up with another communication.

“My previous email noted that I had asked them who manufactured this piece but had not gotten an answer. It is obviously not a U.S. Mint product.

“Today my contact finally emailed me to say that ‘we do not reveal the name of our manufacturer. It is the same manufacturer used by the White House Communications Agency and is he is an American. Beyond that, I have no information to offer.’ I have no idea why they would be so secretive, but there you are.

“If this were a private issue, I wouldn’t consider it of any particular note, but the fact that it is an official issue of the White House makes it, I think, of special interest.

Check out this product on the White House Gift Shop website.

“The price has varied dramatically based on demand. You’ll recall that the summit was canceled but then un-canceled and rescheduled.

“After it was canceled, the price was $20; I got mine for $24.99; now they’re going for $100. [!!].

“They’re also all over eBay.

I went to eBay and see that the commemorative medal is being offered in online auctions.

However, the reader warns that there are already knockoffs out there going for $5 or less.

He writes, “Beware of cheap privately issued knockoffs."

Then he helpfully adds, “Contact the White House gift shop.

“They are not to be confused with a privately owned store called ‘White House Gifts’ at 701 15th St NW.”

My thanks for this information go to the Numismatic News reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017 . He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."