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Where, oh where, has my little ballot gone?

I have been a member of the American Numismatic Association since 1978 and have voted in every election since my first one in 1979, some 28 years ago.

What I don’t remember is when I received the ballot in the mail for any of the elections. This year will be different. Some candidates for the board of governors and their supporters are following the receipt of mailed ballots by members in their online communications on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

I haven’t gotten my ballot yet. Others are similarly affected. We members have until July 19 to return our ballots to the firm of BiggsKofford in Colorado Springs, Colo., which is responsible for mailing them to us and counting them when returned.

Anxiety is high, no question about it, because so many are so interested in this year’s election. Is the lack of a ballot in my hands today a problem?

Mailing of the ballot started off badly. It was decided to insert an explanation of proposed bylaws changes with the ballot. This slowed down the assembly and mailing of the ballot envelope. Were ballots mailed out later than what ANA officials stated was the case? I talked to headquarters earlier this month and was told they were all to be in the mail by June 11. Anyone not receiving a ballot by June 22, I was told, should contact the auditing firm at (719) 579-9090 to get a replacement.

Should I call yet, or wait a while? That is the question every ANA voter has to ask himself. In my case, I will wait a while. I have worked with the mail for many years. My livelihood depends on it. Sometimes strange things happen. Is something strange happening now? I don’t know, but one thing is certain, I will probably be able to tell you the date on which I receive my 2007 election ballot 28 years from now.

I will check my mail here in the Krause offices in about an hour. For all I know, it could be waiting for me.

(Guess what I found in my mail at 9:25 this morning? You guessed it, the ballot.)