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Where did summer go?

Though the Labor Day weekend is still a week away, I can’t help but look at the calendar and see that August is almost over.

I have the usual wistful feelings, but I also feel an excitement start to build. With the beginning of autumn comes the autumn collecting season.

Business activity picks up. News activity picks up. The show calendar in Numismatic News requires more and more space to list all of the events that are held in a three-week period.

Yes, I will miss the usual outdoor summertime activities, but the advent of the fall collecting season is like coming home, or reconnecting with an old friend.

At root, it’s what I do.

Fortunately for me, it is also what a lot of other people do and have done for many years.

Nothing can change the fact that collecting is an indoor pursuit. It is something to do after the chasing around of summer has been completed and a different form of relaxation is required.

Summer is going away again. But now that’s old news.

Bring on that coin collecting season.