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Where are the cents?

Fremont County, Colo., is looking for a few good cents. It's war memorial depends on finding them.

Not any date will do.

According to a story in the "Cañon City Shopper" that reader Michael W. Sullivan mailed to me, the Fremont County War Memorial Park features a very large IN GOD WE TRUST in free-standing letters. It is the intent of the War Memorial Park Committee to affix cents of the Vietnam era to the letters, one cent for each soldier who died in the war.

However, it apparently surprised the committee that the appropriately dated cents are not readily available.

Sullivan wrote me, "I went through my cents and found it very difficult to find the key dates of 1966, 1967, 1968."

The committee is short 300 cents from 1966 and 4,000 each of the 1967 and 1968 dates.

The newspaper story ends with an appeal that, "Anyone who has pennies with those dates can drop them in the donation box located at the Fremont County Clerk's Office at the County Administration Building at 615 Macon Ave. in Cañon City."

Sullivan wrote, "I thought this project might be of interest to your readers."

I am sure it is.

I expect Fremont County will obtain the needed coins, perhaps through the good works of coin collectors.