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What’s the dynamic this year?

Every American Numismatic Association convention sets its own tempo and the general atmosphere could be described as a unique show personality.

What will Boston be like?

The clues from yesterday are intriguing. At the ribbon cutting ceremony there was a crowd. It began building at least an hour ahead of time and by the time ANA executive director Larry Shepherd began speaking we were standing shoulder to shoulder.

The crowd became progressively more impatient as the speeches went on for 20 minutes or so. The noise of conversations in the back got louder and louder.

A special guest was the consul general of Mexico, Fernando Estrada Samano. He was invited to join ANA President Clifford Mishler and show general chairman Prue Fitts in cutting the ribbon. The ceremonial scissors had a hard time cutting through the ribbon and it took at least three attempts to get the show officially on its way.

The consul general remained on the spot and turned around to converse with individuals around him.. An older collector wondered very loudly why some people were standing in the doorway and presumably blocking his entry.

I guess that is eagerness.

I have already been chewed out about Australian prices in the Standard Catalog of World Coins. I guess they are moving up and the dealer from Down Under was making sure I knew it in no uncertain terms.

The Krause booth is right next to the Bureau of Engraving booth and that is a great neighbor to have on the bourse floor. However, we are about as far from the front entrance as you can get. It takes a while for the crowd to get there. One fellow came up to the table about three hours after the ribbon cutting. I greeted him. I had been standing next to him at the ribbon cutting, so I inquired whether he had been working his way toward us on the bourse floor the whole time. He said he had been doing so.

If everyone who comes to the convention is that diligent on the floor, the dealers are going to have a great show.

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